Another request for naughty cupcakes!

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Yup.. i got another request for naughty cupcakes again. This time round the request were from Wendy and it was for the bride’s hen party.

So before i post any pictures up, i do have to warn that there is adult content involved so do beware that the content is X-rated!

Call me perverted, but i do enjoy doing these naughty cupcakes and cakes. I think it’s because these cakes or cupcakes are created for fun celebrations and will definitely cause lots of laughter and teasing all around. So when i make them, these images always comes to mind and i guess it always puts me in a happy frame of mind as i will always wonder what the reaction would be like when the recipient of the cupcakes/ cakes sees them for the first time.

Boob and penis cupcakes 190609

Well to the bride, i hope you liked the cupcakes and had a good laugh over them :)

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