Westie Cupcakes for a birthday….

 Westie and toys

Another doggy birthday cupcake request came in from my cousin a couple of days a ago… but the twist was that she asked if i could do the dogs to look like West Highland Terriers or a Westie (as its usually called), since the birthday boy had just recently bought a Westie. So once again, with the order and theme of the cupcakes in place, i started looking for pictures of Westies to ensure that i got the right feel of the Westie before i start to model them using fondant.

Hungry Westie

After hours of looking at gorgeously cute Westie pictures on Google… which wasn’t really a chore considering I’m a major dog lover, i decided on a couple of poses for the cupcake toppers and quickly set about to do up the little Westies.

Westie on cupcake close up view

Due to the amount of detail i wanted on the face, they took me a little longer than expected, but i think they actually turned out quite cute… the only thing i regret not having captured well is the fluffiness of the Westie’s face. However, overall, i was quite satisfied with what i achieved.

Westie on cupcakes side view

In addition to the toppers, I decided to also try out a new flavour of cupcakes – Guiness Stout Chocolate cupcakes!! I’d been dying to this recipe out for ages, and since these cuppers were all going to adults i finally got my chance to do so :) After mixing all the ingredients in and adding the all important vital ingredient of Stout, i popped them into the oven and waited anxiously for them to finish baking. Once they were out, i quickly tore one up to check for crumb texture and fluffiness. Surprisingly, these little fellas were deliciously rich and moist and were a little denser than the normal cakes i made. But for a chocolate cupcake, the denseness just made them taste all the more delicious! The Stout flavour wasn’t as strong as i expected but had mellowed to a very subtle yeasty flavour that complimented quite well with the chocolate. This is definitely going into my repertoire of new cake flavours :) Hopefully the birthday boy will like them..  :)

 Well this is the completed product… i hope these will be a hit at the party!

Westie cupcakes with bannerWestie cuppies

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7 Responses to “Westie Cupcakes for a birthday….”

  1. Yiyan Says:

    Hey I’m the birthday boy(!!i like the description).

    To fill you in on the events that happended after the completion of your master pieces, we were at our favourite jap rest with close friends/family and were already high on sake. I was expecting the usual pleasant cake and singing towards the end of the dinner, out came these amazing ensemble of cupcakes with different poses of those white rascals, I was shocked speechless.

    It really really made my day. Great job serene!

    Anyone who wants to be pleasantly suprise someone should not give your cup cakes a miss.



  2. Serene Lui Says:

    Hi YY. Wow.. your birthday party sounds like it was a blast! :) Thaks so much for the comments and hearing you say that it made your day just made mine!! hee hee.. Here’s wishing you a Happy Belated Birthday!!

  3. Angel Says:

    I was going to say the birthday boy loved the cupcakes but I guess he beat me to it :)

  4. Serene Lui Says:

    haha.. yeah.. but its really great to hear good feedback and the more the merrier right :)

  5. Lori Says:

    These are great! I want to have a party for my westie. Would you consider selling a set of these?

  6. Serene Lui Says:

    Hi Lori, thanks so much for your compliment :) I’ll drop you a mail on your query :)

  7. susann Says:

    I’m having my Westie (Hannah) a birthday party in August. Can I buy just the Westie figures?

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