Valentine’s Day Cupcake Bouquet!!

As everyone knows Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and it’s less than a month away!! Wanting to come up with a special Valentine’s Day cupcake, I started to search for something different. After much searching, I finally decided to do a Valentine’s Cupcake Bouquet. What is this you might ask, well.. in simple terms, it’s cupcakes that have been arranged to look like a bouquet of flowers. Cool huh.. haha.. Hopefully this will be a big hit come Valentine’s Day :) I think this is a really unique substitute for the usual Valentine’s Day cakes, sweets or flowers! This would also be totally suitable for girls who are weight conscious!! Think about it!! Instead of eating one whole big cake.. you have these little cupcakes which you can eat… if you are feeling greedy, eat more, if not just eat one! No mess and it’s so pretty. Furthermore.. they would be perfect to share with your loved one without having the need for forks, knives or plates! Perfect for a romantic Valentine’s Day celebration don’t you think?!

This was what the end product looked like… what do you think?..

Cupcake bouquent potrait

I started off with a batch of petite strawberry cupcakes. After all it’s for Valentine’s Day and what’s more suitable than something pink! :)

This is my pink batter…

Strawberry batter

Once that was done… into the cupcake tray it goes…

Batter in tray

Then into the oven these little fellas go… after 20 minutes, they were done.. and a perfect pink colour they were :) I set it aside to cool then started to mix up a batch of frosting. Going with the whole Valentine’s theme, I decided to frost the cupcakes in pink and purple… I know, I know.. totally sweety colours right… But it’s Valentine’s Day!! What other day of the year can you use such sweet colours right? :p

Anyway, I frosted the cupcakes so that they look like little roses and well.. arranged the cupcakes and did a little arranging and tada… my Valentine’s Cupcake Bouquet. :) Here are some close up shots :)

Cupcake bouquet landscapeCloes up cupcake bouquet

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10 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Cupcake Bouquet!!”

  1. Patootie Says:

    Im really impressed again..

  2. Serene Lui Says:

    Thanks!! haha.. I’m selling these for Valentine’s Day and so far I’ve got great responses!! If you have any friends that might be interested do direct them my way!! :)

  3. Stef Says:

    Nice! I’ve been wanting to try this. It’s so pretty.

  4. Serene Lui Says:

    Thanks!!! :) The response I’ve gotten for these Valentine’s bouquet have been great so far! :)

  5. Rudin Dchosta Says:

    It’s great….

  6. The Cake Doctor Says:


    Please could you tell me how you arranged the cupcakes together in the plant pot? Did you use wooden sticks/skewers to put the cakes on?

    The Cake Doctor.

  7. Rina Gent Says:

    I love them and would like to make some for my partner, but I am not sure how you attached the cakes to the pot. Could you share that with me so that I can surprise him. I have thought of all different ways but none seem to work. I think they are brilliant.

    Kindest regards,

    Rina in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.

  8. Serene Lui Says:

    Thanks so much for the compliment Rudin and Rina. The cupcakes are attached to the pot using some toothpicks. I hope i managed to answer your query in time for you to make these up for your Valentine :)
    Cheers, Serene

  9. Miesha Says:

    how much are you sellling them for?

  10. Serene Lui Says:

    Hi Miesha, thanks for your enquiry. Unfortunately due to the clash of Valentine’s Day with CNY this year, i unfortunately won’t be offering these for sale for 2010.

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