Naughty x-rated cupcakes for a guy!

As per the title, please be warned, these cupcakes are really x-rated… so make sure there are no kids around yah :) I haven’t figured out a way to censor the cupcakes unless someone clicks on it to view it.. so if any savvy people out there know how i can go about doing that, do let me know!

I had gotten this request from Nadia who wanted some x-rated naughty cupcakes for Thomas… she had done some research about the cupcake designs she wanted and asked if i could do something similar. She had seen some of the other naughty cupcakes i had previously made, but she wanted something different.

Naughty cupcake top down 010909

After some discussions these were the cupcakes i came out with. I know it’s a little risque but i think Nadia loved them and i am assuming Thomas would have had a blast with these cupcakes as well! :)

close up of naughty cupcake prone 010909

close up of sitting naughty cupcake 010909

Here are a couple of close up shots of the cupcakes.

close up of legs naughty cupcake 010909

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5 Responses to “Naughty x-rated cupcakes for a guy!”

  1. Soon 2 b Mrs D Says:


    Are you currently taking orders? Do you make cupcakes for women? I would love them for my bachelorette party. Do you ship long distance?

  2. Serene Lui Says:

    Hi Soon 2 b Mrs D.. unfortunately i don’t ship my cupcakes overseas and am afraid i won’t be able to do your cupcakes for you. So sorry about that. But congratulations on your upcoming wedding! :)

  3. Craig Says:

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  4. Jared Says:

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  5. ronnie Says:

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