Music cupcakes for a birthday surprise

Music cupcakes in box 

I got a call from Xinyi the other day and she asked if i could do a musical themed cupcakes for her as she wanted it as a surprise for her sister’s birthday.

Xinyi had obviously put a lot of thought into how her sister’s birthday cupcakes would look like and didn’t need much prompting for me to decide what she wanted on the cupcakes :) Her final idea was to have her sister’s name on the cupcakes with a mini keyboard, bass clef and treble clef on the cupcakes. In addition as there was some space around the cupcakes with the letters, we decided to put some music notes on the cupcakes as well.

music cupcakes front on view

I decided to do the sister’s name in purple but i think they kinda look grey in the photo :p Really have to improve on my photo taking skills. Overall i think the cupcakes turned out pretty nice and was quite happy with the way it looked :)

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3 Responses to “Music cupcakes for a birthday surprise”

  1. xy Says:

    thanks alot! it was a lovely surprise & my sis’s fren said they were nice too. i gave the extra retriever cupcakes to my sis’s fren so it was not wasted :) anw my sis’s favourite was the keyboard :D

  2. Serene Lui Says:

    Hi Xinyi, glad that your sister and the friend loved the cupcakes! :)

  3. floral design Says:

    floral design…

    Music cupcakes for a birthday surprise | Cupcake Obsession…

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