Ji Dan Gao…

I had a craving for Ji Dan Gao or “egg cake” the other day… and well after being haunted by the delicious eggy and sweet flavour of the Ji Dan Gao, i just couldn’t stand it any more and decided to roll up my sleeves and make the steamed Ji Dan Gao.

As the name implies.. this cake is made mainly using eggs… and although its got no butter or oil… its a really unbelievably moist cake with a nice crumb to it. Hmm… maybe the reason behind its moistness comes from the fact that its steamed rather than baked :)

Well.. here’s a look at the batter… look how creamy and fluffy the batter looks :) I’ve also included a picture of the completed cake. Rightfully the cake should “smile” or crack at the top and open up like a flower… mine however instead of cracking open like a flower ended up having a wide crack down the middle of the cake and cracking open from the side instead.. haha… oh well… it still tasted delicious and was so yummy and moist! Really helped to satisfy my craving for this cake and bringing back fond childhood memories when i used to eat this yummy cake.

Ji Dan Gao batterJi Dan Gao

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