Final note…

Hi everyone, thanks for all your kind compliments and continued support of my humble little website. Unfortunately due to some personal commitments that came up, i’m afraid that i won’t be able to take any additional orders from the 22 March onwards until further notice.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the faithful followers of my website for their continued support, and to all my loyal customers that have been ordering their cakes and cupcakes from me, thank you for your continued support and for helping me to spread the word about my cakes to your friends and relatives.

I am very sorry to disappoint everyone with this final note.. but hopefully i’ll be able to continue with my cakes at a later date and hope that it would be soon.

In the meantime, i hope everyone will continue to enjoy my posts and my creations.

For interested readers, do take a look at my cake topper tutorials which provide detailed and simple to understand instructions as well as step by step photos that illustrate each and every single step of making the topper. I believe you’ll fully enjoy these online tutorials and will soon be doing your own little cake toppers. I do hope to add on more tutorials soon and in the meantime if you have any special requests for any tutorials do let me know! :)

Cheers, Serene!!

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8 Responses to “Final note…”

  1. Wye San Says:

    Hi Serene,

    Are you still in hiatus from creating birthday cakes and cupcakes?

    I’m interested to order from you for my first child’s 1st year birthday on Oct 23rd, as I have seen your beautiful creations.

    Let me know. Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Wye San

  2. Serene Lui Says:

    Hi Wye San, thanks so much for your support. Unfortunately i currently am still on hiatus from creating birthday cakes and cupcakes until further notice and as such am afraid i won’t be able to do your order from you. Thanks so much for your support though and hopefully i’ll have an opportunity in the future to do a cake for you and your child in the future. :)

  3. fony Says:

    Hi Serene,

    I’m wondering if you’ve started baking again.

    Let me know. Thanks.

  4. Serene Lui Says:

    Hi Fony, thanks for your enquiry. Unfortunately i am not taking orders yet. Sorry about that!

  5. steve Says:

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