Cute cuppies for a 2 year old’s birthday.. :)

 Here’s a picture of my latest cupcakes for another birthday girl whose turning 2 today. Happy Birthday!!!

Lamb and duck cupcakes on table

These cuppies are all mini cupcakes… my favourite among all the cupcakes has to be the little lamb that is sleeping. Do you see him.. he’s in the middle right at the bottom row of the picture :)

So to start my post, I have to begin with how after posting up my pictures for my previous bears and bees cuppies, several orders from my families and friends have come up requesting me to do similar cupcakes for them. :) I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support :) and i hope to be able to come up with new and different ideas and designs for the cuppies for everyone :)

Well, for this latest order, it’s actually for my mom’s good friend’s grand-daughter. Hahaha.. i know sounds complicated right :) Anyway the grand-daughter is turning 2 today and my mom thought it would be nice if i could do up some cupcakes for them. As i wanted to do something different from the bears and bees cuppies, i started looking around for new ideas and of course something cute :) After thinking long and hard, and after considering the fact that the cupcakes would be mini sized, i had to keep in mind that i couldn’t do any figures that were too big. As such, i finally decided to do up littel duckies and some flowers to go with them.

Once i had decided on the theme, i quickly started surfing the internet to see if i could find any pictures of cute ducks.. i found a few and along the way I actually found a little tutorial on you-tube that teaches you how to make the duck. Yay!! :) Now i wouldn’t have to spend time figuring out how to make duckies.. haha :)

So without further ado, with the you-tube video in front of me and my yellow fondant in my hands, i started making the little ducks. However, I wanted each little duck to look different, so i started playing around with them and tried to make each one look a little different. As you can see.. i made one with only it’s bum showing and feet out of the water :p.. I also tried to do one with it’s head between it’s wings… haha.. not sure if they look all that great.. but well.. i think they’re cute :) I tried to make the duckies look as if they are swimming in some bubble bath.. haha.. but not sure if i succeeded :)

 Ducks on table

Anyhow, after completing the ducks, I have to admit i started comparing them to my bears and bees cuppies and realised that these little fellows fell a little short from my previous cuppies, so i had to find something else to oomph it up. So back to the internet it was to look at more pictures.

I finally came upon a picture where someone had done cute little fondant lambs for christmas.. haha.. they were so totally cute that i just had to make them.. :p Thanks whoever you are for the inspiration and i hope you don’t mind that i borrowed your idea. In fact.. my little lambs are very much modeled upon your cupcakes :)

 Lambs on table

Anyway, i think the little lambies turned out great and i decided that the final cuppies would be a mixture of lambs, ducklings and of course, bright flowers :)

I decided to make my usual chocolate cuppies which i love.. and which i think children of any age will love, and then made the icing early this morning. Last to go on the little cupcakes was of course my beloved little ducks and lambs.. unfortunately i did have a small mishap.. haha.. can you tell? I actually had broken one of the ducklings wings and had to glue it back on… and.. if you look closely enough at the picture above.. you might notice that one of the little lamb’s ears is actually broken off.. haha.. oops :p I hope no one notices it.. hee

Well… these are the final cuppies snug in their little box just before collection. I thought the grass and flowers brightened up the cuppies really well and made it look really cheerful. What do you think?

Lamb and duck cupcakes in a box

Here are some close up views of the adorable little lambs and of the “2″ that i did for the little girl’s second birthday :)

Lamb 1Lamb 2Number 2 with flowers

Well, when they finally came to pick up the cupcakes this evening, they were delighted with it!! Even my mom who came with them to collect the cupcakes was surprised at how cute and cheerful they looked :) Yay!!!! Haha.. so happy that my cupcakes can make their day :)

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10 Responses to “Cute cuppies for a 2 year old’s birthday.. :)”

  1. Gillian Says:

    Hi serene can i enquire how much a box of cupcakes like this would cost? Inclusive of delivery charges.
    I am currently overseas at the moment and would like to send an order to my friend for her birthday.
    Thanks x

  2. Serene Lui Says:

    Hi Gillian, I’ve sent you back an e-mail with regards to your enquiry :) Hope to hear from you soon :)

  3. Mark Says:

    Please email me as have some questions and would like to take orders

  4. Serene Lui Says:

    Hi Mark, thanks for your interest. Have mailed you already :)

  5. Cynthia Says:

    Hi Serene,

    I have sent you an email regarding my son’s birthday. Am wondering if you are able to make some cupcakes for his classmates…He likes the red power ranger, goofy, madagascar and nemo. Saw some ideas that I thought was great e.g. a personalised cupcake for each of the kids in class…that way no one fights…haha.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  6. Serene Lui Says:

    Hi Cynthia, thanks for the e-mail. I’ve mailed you back with a response already :)

  7. Kim Says:

    I just love your cupcakes! They are sooo cute!! I am doing a rubber ducky theme for my daughters first birthday this month, and was did you make the bubbles? Is it out of fondant? And is fondant easy to use for a beginner? lol thanks!

  8. Serene Lui Says:

    Hi Kim, thanks so much for our compliment :) As for the little bubbles, they aren’t made of fondant.. haha.. would take too much time that way. They are actually frosting coloured blue and piped directly onto the cupcake using a round tip. I hope that helps and the information came in time for you to do your daughter’s cupcakes :) Good luck and i’m sure your daughter’s cupcakes would turn out fabulous :)

    Oh and to answer your queries on using fondant, i find it quite easy to use.. but you have to make sure to get the fondant to the right consistency for it to work well especially if you are making figurines. I find i might need to get the fondant a little dryer than usual for making the figurines cos if they are too soft, they can actually sink into themselves when making bigger figurines. But i find it really easy to work with fondant and it’s soooo much fun!! haha.. you can even get your daughter involved if she’s a little older… it’s like play doh to them :)

  9. Sherry Says:

    Hi Serene your cupcakes looks so nice, can’t bear to eat it. My son’s birthday is on 15 July and I want to do cup cakes with his name Ethan on it and maybe with his classmates names on it. Anything with thomas,cars or pooh bear or mickey. Pls contact me with pricelist and pickup details

  10. Serene Lui Says:

    Hi Sherry, thanks so much for your compliment on my cupcakes :) As for an order on the 15th, due to some personal reasons i won’t be able to take on any orders for that week. Sorry about that. I do hope however that i will have an opportunity to bake something for you in the future :)

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