Christmas ornament cupcakes!!!

As Christmas drew nearer, my hubby started wondering what to give his colleagues as presents… as such, I asked if I could make cupcakes for them. However, I wanted something different from a normal christmas cupcake and started looking for ideas on the internet hoping for some inspiration.

Guess what!!! I found someone who had made christmas ornament cupcakes!!! What’s that you might ask.. well, it’s a cupcake that looks exactly like a christmas ornament or a christmas ball. Most of the cupcakes I had seen placed a dome shaped cupcake on top of a cupcake base and decorated the dome to look like a christmas ornament. I thought that was really really cool, but wanted to take it a step further by making the cupcake totally round rather than having it sit on a cupcake base. To do this, I had to make several cupcakes which had a totally round base rather than the usual flat cupcake base. To do this, I couldn’t use my normal cupcake pans, so I started searching for ways to bake a dome shaped cupcake.. luckily for me I found a silicon half sphere baking tray at Poon Huat!! Yay!!!

Since I love chocolate cupcakes and I have a fantastic chocolate cupcake recipe, I decided to bake chocolate half sphere cupcakes :p I then joined 2 halves of the sphere using buttercream icing to form a round ball.. this was what they looked like after joining them.

 Chocolate balls

 Don’t they look cute :) This was followed by slathering the whole chocolate ball with buttercream icing, followed by a layer of fondant. To make the christmas ornament cupcakes look realistic, I also made little tops for the cupcakes using fondant.. I then left everything to dry..

fondant balls

 As you can probably tell from the pictures above, I had a really difficult time getting the balls to look totally smooth and round, hopefully they won’t be too obvious after adding on the decorations.. I can’t wait for them to dry so that I can start decorating them :)

To make the balls look like christmas ornaments, I dusted the balls with luster dust and also pasted on the little caps which I had did earlier on. This was was followed by using icing to pipe on the designs on the ball. This was the fun part! After the icing had dried, I then dusted the designs with luster dust for the final time and let them dry.. these were what they looked like.. don’t they look fantastic… I thought they really looked like christmas ornaments don’t you? :)

decorated balls

To be frank.. my first attempt at making these were a total flop.. I had so much problems with the fondant especially… it kept bubbling under the skin. After several attempts, I finally figured out what the problem was and finally solved the bubbling problem.. but I have to admit, the beautifully completed christmas ornament cupcakes came a little too late for a christmas present… oh well.. at least my hubby managed to give it to his colleagues for a boxing day present instead :) Here’s some close up shots of the completed cupcakes…

gold swirl ballred snowflake

gold line ballblue flower

red squiggles

My favourite is the snowflake cupcake… :)

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6 Responses to “Christmas ornament cupcakes!!!”

  1. Patootie Says:

    very impressive.

  2. Serene Lui Says:

    Thanks so much!! They’re actually quite delicious.. but am worried that people may not dare to eat it since it’s so pretty!! :)

  3. holly Says:

    These look great! I like them alot more than the cupcakes with the dome top.

    I am going to use this idea to try to make some completely round cupcakes this weekend. Before I get frustrated to, what was the secret to not getting air bubbles under the fondant?

    I have never tried poured fondant before, but I am thinking maybe I could try that with one too. I would just have to do it twice to get top and bottom.

  4. Serene Lui Says:

    Thanks so much Holly. Hmm… i guess the main thing would be not too put too thick a layer of frosting over the balls before the fondant goes over it and to make sure you begin smoothing the fondant from the top and slowly around the sides :)

    I haven’t tried poured fondant either.. so it would be great if you let me know how it turns out with poured fondant! Think it would be much easier to do than covering it with rolled fondant :) Do let me know how they turn out!!


  5. steph Says:

    LOVE these! I am going to do them for christmas cant wait just dont want to mess them up!! LOL…some sites ive been on makes a very low regular cupcake then uses the dome mold to make the “top” to just make the top look like chrismas ball ornaments. but i like the full circle as yours are. Do i make a pan of them and then since theres 6 to a pan i reall yonly get 3 out of the pan?? Cause i put them together then frost with regular frosting then fondant?? Ive never used fondant before is it really difficult?? i normally dont really like the taste of fondant but i know it will hold it together and make smooth. and can i get the luster dust like at the groc store or michaels or that type of place? Sorry so many questions! and does the buttercream really hold both halves together?? Thanks!! :)

  6. Serene Lui Says:

    Hi Steph!!! Good luck with them!! I had to admit the first time i tried these i was all thumbs too and super nervous.. but i had a really fun time making them at the end of the day. As for the pan, yup, i only ended up with 3 as well since each pan has 6 halves and you need 2 halves to make the globe. As for adding the fondant, you will need to do a crumb coat before applying the fondant. I usually make my own fondant rather than use store bought.. but i do know that there are some fondant’s that taste better than others… like satin ice. Wilton i think taste the worst for ready made fondant. As for the luster dust, i usually am able to get it at my local bakery supply store. Not sure whether you are able to get it at Michaels over where you are.. but bakery supply stores should sell them. As for whether the buttercream does hold both halves together, it does so long as you don’t put too thick i layer of buttercream in between. A crumb coat should be good enough. But you do have to be careful that the halves don’t shift around when you place the fondant over it and are smoothing it over the globe. Good luck and i hope your christmas ornament cupcakes turn out great!! :)

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