Blackforest cake for my FIL

Blackforest cake 040709

As my FIL’s birthday was coming up and since his favourite cake was a blackforest cake, i decided to have a go at making one for him.

I’ve not made such a cake before and decided to do some extensive research online to see if i could find any recipes for making one. After looking at a couple of hundred recipes… i noted the common themes, selected a few that i thought would work best and combined them together.

However, i needed to get hold of some kirtsch first to do a proper blackforest cake. After going to a couple of places, i finally found a bottle of kirtsch at Cold Storage. However the price was definitely out of my price range and considering the fact that i was probably only going to make this recipe once, i thought i’d see if i could find some other alternatives first. In the end, i settled on using a mixture of brandy and kirtsch flavouring i found, i started to bake.

blackforest cake front view 040709

This turned out to be a monster of the cake with 4 layers of 9″ round chocolate sponge cakes soaked in kirsch flavouring, brandy and boiled down cherry syrup. Each layer of cake was sandwiched with oodles of whipped cream, and of course lucious cherries, with additional kirsch, brandy and cherry syrup. After all of that, i covered the whole cake with another layer of whipped cream and to amp up the chocolate flavour, i then covered the whole cake with rich chocolate shavings.

I couldn’t get hold of any fresh cherries so could only accent the whole cake with some canned ones. Next time i definitely would change these with fresh cherries instead.

The final product stood more than 4 inches tall and to date is the biggest cake i’ve ever made. The cake was also delicious with the cherry syrup, kirsch and brandy helping to keep the cake moist and delicious. The cake was quickly gobbled up and was demolished with only crumbs left at the end of the day. A totally yummy dessert!! My only regret was that i didn’t manage to snap any photos of what the inside of the cake looked like after it was cut :p

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